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  Sahana Mantha    Founder and Chief Kindness Officer    Grade 7, Providence Day School

Sahana Mantha

Founder and Chief Kindness Officer

Grade 7, Providence Day School

Today, the world needs a lot of kindness. Individuals, families, communities, cities, and nations can all benefit from giving and receiving a little more kindness. Whether through actions or words, kindness is the one thing that can bring balance to a world. 

When I was in kindergarten, I was the youngest kids in my class. Because I was only four-and-a-half years old, I was picked on and excluded by kids who were older than me. Thankfully, I had a family that I could talk to. My mom encouraged me to try and find happiness by being kind and making others happy. And it began to work! Being kind to my classmates meant I had to be kind even when others were not nice and I made a choice.

Six years later, I still believe that kindness can change your life for the better. My experience inspired me to start The Kind Squad, which is my way of leading the change I want to see in my community and the world. 

You can join me by taking The Kind Squad Pledge online, get on the #KindList, be #IntentionallyKind, and #SpreadKindness.

Once on the #KindList do an act of kindness for six people, inspire them to be kind and pay it forward and share your story on Instagram and Twitter. Tag @TheKindSquad and use the hashtags #KindList #IntenionallyKind #SpreadKindness and #TheKindSquad so that you can easily share with others.

By joining the Kind Squad, you’re taking a pledge to change the world… one kind act at a time. 

I believe that kindness can give everyone a reason to smile and celebrate and can make the world a happier, more inclusive community!
— Sahana Mantha - Founder and Chief Kindness Officer, The Kind Squad

What is The Kind Squad?


We are a global community of kind people. We have taken The Kind Squad Pledge, joined the #KindList, are spreading kindness to make the world a kinder place.


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If one person were to do a kind act for six people, and each of those six people were to do a kind act for six people, it should take thirteen such steps for kindness to reach the entire globe. So, we ask 1.5 billion people to come forth and take The Kind Squad Pledge, get on the #KindList and Spread Kindness. Join us in making the world a kinder place!

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